The Great Orchestrator

Do you know light without sensing what is darkness?
Void of love, dressed in half-truth, a slithering tongue.


Can you feel what is light?

Familiar, like your mother’s arms,

Heart hugged, a gentle melody.

There is no yin and yang-just good. Just evil.

There is no stars to follow, no mystical force, no voodoo.

Just good. Just evil.

Touch. Hold. Listen. To Know.

Simple truth.

O How you can sit with it,

Comfortably converse and carry it.

Unfolding as a blossom,

showing it’s colors-unbounded brillance,

piece by piece,


A sweet yet familiar symphony,

composer: the great Orchestrator.

1 thought on “The Great Orchestrator

  1. Hello! I just wanted to appreciate you for your fun and engulfing story. Stories similar to this are a really great system to assist me in English, but I think I got the story ok 🙂 Thank you very much again!

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