my condolences


I want cough syrup. 2 bottles full! I want lots of empathetic looks. Give me long hugs! I want a band aid big enough to wrap around this throbbing useless organ. Ugh no not a love poem! The Darkness said, “Love is just a feeling”. I sang along and fast forwarded to the guitar riff that made your body feel like it just got a hyper electric shock. I didn’t really get the whole love feeling thing. I didn’t care. I still don’t. You see, every song on the radio has something to do with this obsessive “if I can’t have you I can’t take another breath” infatuation. Does it have something to do with Edward and that unvampire girl? All I know is if I’m not in love I’m a societal outcast. This ain’t cynicism. I watched three multi-teired white frosting cakes pose for photos in the park across the street last week. I caught sight of 99 bride and groom duos with obscure frozen expressions in the last month. I’ve tuned into, please never make me count, discussions of ring descriptions, complementary colors, and lingerie, this year to last me my whole life through. Really selective mutism sounds luxiourous. I’m not completely one sided, engagement photos get me. It’s those angles, colors, and artistic expression-freakin’ heart melting. I rather write myself into a love story then live one, because love has gone and lost it’s appeal. It’s the cheatin, wife beatin, take you for a ride and leave you there, love blues. The take me out to dinner cuz I love free meals, kiss me now but I won’t mean it later, luv ya babe 4 eva, romantic fairytale. OH, so sweet. How touching. Sigh. How perfect. I can’t wait for my turn for heaven on earth.


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  1. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just feel complete without love. But I think I have to lie to myself or cover up my insides in order to do so.

    The Beatles song came into my head today: “All you need is love… love is all you need.” I used to think they were just selling records, now I believe they were actually making a point.

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