Recordings: Patient

Prescribe me something, look at this grim expression. Lucid dreaming, I’ve been lucid dreaming all day..staring at my hands wondering, “Is this how my hands look in real life?”. But then I get a bug bite and the itch creeps and resonates when I move. dreaming or awake or dreaming?  Then a flash, no more like a beam// zips across the horizon of my peripheral vision// angels on an across town mission or my eyelid stuck in blink? Ka! I’ve been wandering around all day thinking like this, look at me! I’m melting, my skin is candle wax dripping in the heat// it’s getting all over the sofa! I know what you’re thinking, “treacherous mess”– I saw my reflection when I came in here||my seams are all teared|| I’ve been played with too much, stuffing coming out all over- trailing behind me like innards. Gall, don’t you at least have some thread? { just use your fingers} Lace me back together now. Oh what was I saying before? Well…Did you see that? That thing! Showing it’s cowardly face! Gah how grotesque. Right behind you! Boils the size of silver dollars, what is that!?!? OK OK, I’ll sit down. I’m breathing I’m breathing, in and out I know…You see what I mean? awake asleep awake asleep.

3 thoughts on “Recordings: Patient

  1. Love the visualization as always “my skin is candle wax dripping in the heat…”

    What are you using the double slashes for? (//)

  2. why not? i think// they are //delightful//. maybe confusing. but//delightful// none the less. I used them in order to divide the dreaming and awake state in a fractured way.

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