Character idea

The streets today were quieter than usual. Crime has been rising in my city by the hour.  Each day I hope that there will be  some relief from the constant downpour of evil, but I find myself often disappointed.

I’ve been starting to wonder why I picked a place like this to set up shop. There are plenty of other troubled neighborhoods that could use a good man but I ended up here. Am I suicidal? No. I guess I just enjoy a challenge.  My life can be difficult at times, but I’m not the kind of guy who just gives up when things get tough. I guess its just pride that does that, but if I’m still breathing, I’m still trying. At least that’s the kind of guy I want to be.

Being an entrepreneur has its challenges that’s for sure. I love my old book store here in the city. With the economy as bad as it is, I don’t get many people in here but I’m surviving. Even though things are getting worse I’m not worried. I’ve got plenty of friends and connections to keep me floating when times get tough and with business so slow, I have plenty of time to finish my apprenticeship.

-Godfrey Fable












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I’ll Be Sleeping

Wind on the seas
Climbing up the trees
A 2-Liter pocket of change
The sunset’s very strange

You see the orange winter shine
Will you be my valentine
I was yours a day or so
Count the days I do not know
Sit me here before you go
Tell me stories of long ago

The raven takes my head
A hand of honey and bread
Give your soul to live a day
Death shall go another way

Pick me please my friend
Red lights flash and you pretend
But I win because of you
You count three and I count two
Let me go to see a rose
Bend my eyes and straighten your toes
And when nobody knows
I’ll be sleeping


your tease is a taser to my heart
like a shock from above
you put my chest in a shopping cart
i live a while longer
and you tease again
like a cruel cat who plays with a half-dead mouse
yet enjoys every moment
i am not in a house
i love your teasings
they caress my soul
with electricity and feathers
i’m feeling whole
to tease. to play.
to ease. to pray.

This Rock

This rock by the river. Once blanketed by thick and rushing water, now exposed and dry. Leftover residue on it’s sides. Jagged lines. Straight edges. Broken corners into new angles. Who knows how long it has had its place there. Where is its origin? It has seen its own surroundings through time – which I was not present to see. Yet, I have seen all around the mountain – which it may not have ever been to.

What knowledge do I have to gain from such a statue?

Does the gift of time outweigh the curse of being stationary? Only this rock knows; Statue. Divine. Imperfect. Perfect. Time enduring. An example.


My friend Ray and I are starting this creative writing blog as a “sandbox” of writing examples. It’s something we’re doing just for fun and for practice and whatever else it can do. Please read freely, leave comments, show your friends, and most importantly enjoy!

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WB and Ray


Outside is my life
Outside is my reason
This place I am in is mine no more
They see me as a wanderer; a floater
I am a man of direction; of steady perseverance
I cannot feel free when I lie to myself
The judgements of others keep us in bondage
In bondage to a mental prison in a false world
And in our houses, office, and cities
Concerned with what they think, and not who we are
I want no more to be concerned with this
I will go outside
Outside is my life
Outside is my reason

11 July 04